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Summary of the Current Situation
The developer KG Group is still seeking a construction permit from the City of Toronto.

  • They have yet to submit a complete site plan to the City a Toronto, which is required to start the city wide review process.
  • The developer cannot get a construction permit until they meet all city requirements.
  • The KG Group has stated that they would like to demolish the current building at 18-30 Erskine over Spring Break 2017
  • However, KG cannot get a demolition permit until the site plan is approved.
  • This means the developer needs to get a construction permit before they can get a permit to demolish the existing three story apartment building.
  • Construction of a new kindergarten play area at the south east of the school property is scheduled to begin the week of 12 December. This is being completed without a completed assessment of the effect that idling traffic and construction machinery will have on the south portion of the school property in general and on the children playing in that area specifically.


  1. Under pressure from parents the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) has agreed to conduct a risk assessment for all issues related to changes to the schoolyard and related construction matters.
  2. Previously the changes to the playground, preparation for the 3-4 years of construction and the school living in the shadow of a tall tower did not include a risk assessment. Why is that?
  3. Parents are waiting for information from the TDSB pertaining to the risk assessment. Our questions include:
    1. Who is doing the risk assessment?
    2. What are their qualifications?
    3. What is the timeline that ensures the process is done carefully, rather than rushed?
    4. What is the process for ongoing input from parents?
  4. A risk assessment is a step in mitigating short term and long term health and safety concerns. This is a complex process that will take time and requires parents to work closely with the TDSB. We have committed to support the TDSB as long as they are committed to a full and transparent process where all parents can have an ongoing voice.


  1. There are numerous issues we would like addressed as construction is advanced, most important of which is the safety of our children. What is the TDSB going to do to keep our children safe from falling debris from the 109 metre tall building being constructed less than 10 metres away from the school playground where 523 children will be playing during lunch hour and at recess twice a day? Something that falls from 50 metres up is not going to fall straight down, so the 10 metre safety zone we have been assured of thus far does not seem sufficient.
  2. Traffic along Erskine – According to the City’s own experts, during excavation, we can expect between 75-100 dump and heavy duty delivery trucks to the construction site PER DAY. What will be done to mitigate idling vehicles in front of the school during school hours (noxious fumes, intolerable noise levels). What will be done to mitigate congestion in front of the school after school hours to ensure the safety of the children
  3. Dust – What is being done to ensure that the children are safe from dust from the construction site. The windows at the school are single pane, old and in need of replacement. Also, as there is no AC at the school, what will be done to ensure the children are able to cool down in the summer months when the windows cannot be opened due to construction dust and debris?
  4. Noise – What will be done to ensure a suitable learning environment for the children next door to a construction zone?
  5. Vibration?